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Diversified investment preservation method

Many investors with old experience know that diversification is important, but it is often too greedy, and all funds are kept at an investment station. Remember that even the most stable investment station has a day to run, just like today. You see the long queue of coffee shops in front of the door, the business is very good, but after a few months to go to the coffee shop to drink coffee, the coffee shop has closed down, of course, the investment station is the same, just started to receive a lot of investment The support of the people, stable development, to a stage, there may be a better investment station, investors of course choose to support the new investment station, if the webmaster begins to feel powerless, do not want to operate, the worst result is of course to choose to run Often, once you invest in this investment, you will lose your money!

If you understand the diversification of investment, although you can not avoid 100% of the site, but often can reduce the risk of investment, earning 10 to 30% per month is still possible, the most important thing is to remember not to be too greedy!

The way to diversify investment is of course assuming that your funds have $1,000. Now all you have to do is divide the funds into 10-12 copies, and a copy of about 80-150 dollars is enough! Invest in different sites to reduce risk, such as:

Suppose you are more optimistic about the A and D investment stations, and other investment stations that can be considered okay are B, C, E, F, G, H, I, J.

Don't put all the funds into the A and D investment stations. The correct way is to invest 120 dollars into the A investment station, invest 80 dollars into the B investment station, invest 80 dollars into the C investment station, and invest 120 dollars into the D investment station. And so on, assuming that F Investment Station and H Investment Station are running, at least in other investment stations, you can return to this. Of course, if you are not optimistic about the investment station, don't blindly invest! In order to avoid losses.

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